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Easiest feeders to breed?

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  • Easiest feeders to breed?

    Hi again!

    Which feeder insects are overall the easiest to breed/keep? I know mealworms are one, I’ve kept them before. Would like to start some insect colonies for if I eventually get a leopard gecko. Also since my crested gecko isn’t getting any live bugs, it could be beneficial.

    I’d like to stay away from crickets if possible, too stinky and not hardy. Roaches are illegal where I live. So I guess it boils down to different worm species.

    Also, black soldier fly larvae. Does anyone here breed/keep those? Are geckos fond of them?

    If anyone could let me know some of the easier feeders, and what care they need, that would be great. Even if it’s not just breeding them, but just keeping them alive until they’re all fed off.

    Oh, and one more question. How common is it for reptiles to contract internal parasites from live feeders? I’m very paranoid about parasites. I’ve never had to deal with them and I hope to keep it that way for as long as possible. Does breeding your own colonies greatly reduce the risk? There’s no exotic/reptile vet around or near here, so I’m always strict with prevention techniques when it comes to sickness and such. Since if one of my geckos were to contract something then there’s not a whole lot of hope besides at home treatments. I’ll be getting the feeders from reliable sources, one person I know personally, the other is a store that specializes in reptiles and gecko/snake breeding. They bring in/ship out a variety of feeders.