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Mourning Gecko escaping

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  • Mourning Gecko escaping

    I am contemplating getting several Mourning Gecko but their size and speed have me worried. Would plan on housing them in an 18x18x24 enclosure with some dart frogs. My fear is that when tending to the frogs they would just dart (ugh, pardon the pun) out the door to escape without me noticing.

    For anyone that has/had a colony of them, is that a concern I should have?

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    Yes, that is a valid concern. When opening the enclosure, most of the time they will run and hide. More likely is that they will find tiny openings in the enclosure and squeeze out. Especially the little ones.
    I have a fair sized colony, and I find escaped hatchlings in my herp room almost every day.


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      Thanks. I was worried about that. As far as the other holes, I built a custom background in the enclosure and all of the little holes are covered, just opening the doors while messing with feeding, etc, I think it would be enough to dissuade me from going through with it. With the snakes I have I can leave the doors open and they show no interest at all in leaving.