so i got my leopard gecko around 4 days ago and he hasnt eaten yet. I know this is a very common thing but id like him to grow big and healthy and not to get any deformitys so id just like tips to get his appetite back as soon as possible. Ive tried a couple things. On the first day i used tweezers and he went for the food but missed and bit the tweezers and ran away. Ive also tried putting the food bowl of meal worms right infront of him and he would either turn away or just stare into the distance
ive also tried different types of calcium because maybe it was the taste but he went to bite it completely missed and gave up. Hes sf cute
since the first day ive let him settle and ive seen him exploring in the middle of the night and i even put my hand in the tank and hes walked on it and seems alright with me not too scared but still a baby only 2 months old so still uncomfortable.
i leave a bowl of water and a bowl of meal worms in the tank and replace the worms and water every day but he doesn't seem to be eating anything.
ive also asked the breeder what vitamins she gave him before and have orderd it aswell so hopfully he smells it and eats but ik its guna be around a week or 2 till he completely settles and tries eating. But anyone got tips? Ive told u eveything ive tried if its just the waiting game i guess ill just wait but i really want him to eat.
apart from that seems full of energy and really curious ive sat next to the cage and he just walk up to the glass and looks at me somtimes so i want gim to keep his emergetic personality and not become weak so any tips would be appreciated!