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  • Nasty smelling poop!

    I have a juvenile male patternless leopard gecko, and lately his poop has smelled horrible...almost like rotting meat. It's about enough to make me gag, and the stench is strong enough to completely fill his cage and/or my trash can every time he poops. I use paper towels, and I spot clean his tank daily. His poops & urates look normal. Has anyone else experienced this? I did switch his diet from mostly crickets to mealworms, recently. Could this be the cause? If so, will the smell get better as he adjusts to his new food? It has been around two weeks, and there hasn't been any improvement. I plan on getting a fecal to the vet, as soon as I'm able. In the meantime, any thoughts?

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    Mealworms can be hard for cresties to digest because of their outer covering (chitin). Can you try dubias instead if you don't care to feed crickets? Is he getting CGD, or just insects? The CGD should be the main diet, with insects as supplements.

    A fecal would be a good idea, to rule out parasites.
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