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Baby bearded dragon feeding

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  • Baby bearded dragon feeding

    Hi! So I just got my baby bearded dragon and he’s showing really good signs of being healthy such as eating and basking. Yesterday we offered him food and he had 11 crickets and 3 Dubias and today for feeding #1 of the day he had 13 crickets and 3 dubias. We set the 15 minute timer but he was done after about 5 minutes so I was just wondering if he’s not eating enough and what a normal amount of crickets Would be that a baby would eat in a day. Thank you!

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    I've never had a baby bearded dragon. I always choose juveniles or adults because I don't want to deal with the amount they eat. I don't know exactly how many crickets they'll eat, but I believe they need to be fed several times a day. Also make sure they're getting salad as well. If they're growing and pooping, they're getting the right amount of crickets.



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      Thank you so much Aliza! You never fail to help me out. Even after only having him for a few days I see a difference in his tummy so I’m going to assume he’s eating enough. Thanks again!