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    Hey guys! I really need your help!! Im brand new to this site &Im having an emergency. My female leopard gecko and im completely unprepared! This is her 2nd clutch of eggs. The first time it was too late by the time i found her eggs. But she literally just laid them now & i dont have any vermiculite/perlite to incubate her eggs with. I marked the cheerio side of each egg & got a plastic deli cup. But what material if any can i use to keep the eggs warm & moist until i can get to the store in the morning to get substrate?! Please help im completely clueless on what steps to take next. These were my young sons pets, thought we had 2 females & im in completely unfamiliar territory when it comes to breeding& imcubating gecko eggs. Id be so grateful for any advice. I really dont want these embryos to die.

    Thank you!!

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    You can temporarily use: coco fiber (they sell vacuum packed bricks at the pet store), perlite (in bags at the garden store. Get plain perlite, not perlite with fertilizer in it). Here's a website that tells you how to prepare the perlite for the egg container:
    Technically, if you can find a place in the house (or in the gecko cage) that will maintain a very steady temperature between 80-88F you could hatch them that way. However, sometimes if the temperature fluctuates too much there can be problems. The eggs should go in a container, like a sterilite or Gladware container, partially buried in the substrate (which you'll prepare based on the website above ) and the cover put on. Don't put any holes in the cover. Take the cover off for about 10-30 seconds every week to allow for air exchange.
    Your safest bet is to get an incubator and the best on to get is the Zoomed Reptibator. It's more expensive than the cheapest option (the Hovobator, which is about $50), but it has an excellent thermostat, which the Hobovator doesn't have and by the time you get a decent thermostat, you've spent the same amount of money. Sometimes even eggs that seem fertile to start with, especially for a gecko laying for the first time, don't work out, so don't worry too much if that happens. Expect 2 eggs every 2 weeks or so for as many times as she's going to lay. You'll need to come up with some housing for the hatchlings. Please google "breeding leopard geckos" and read as much as you can. Here's an article about caring for hatchlings: