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Breeding Viper Geckos

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  • Breeding Viper Geckos

    Hello again everyone. With the Tinley show coming up soonish (I’ll probably be making the trek) I just wanted to double and triple check my breeding plans. Plus I have a few things I would like approval on.

    I am planning to use a hovabator, but now I’m second guessing it. What model is ok for reptile eggs?

    What am I supposed to keep the hatchlings in? I was thinking a small/x small KK but then I thought small containers would be a better option. Do the hatchlings need a heat gradient? I’m baffled on how to do it in such small containers. Paper towel for substrate, bottle caps for water and heat tape for warmth was my original plan.

    I was planning to feed the hatchlings flightless fruit flies and teensy mealworms (I breed my own). Is this ok, or are crickets necessary? And should I dust the food with vitamins every feeding?

    Thats about all, I’ve done my research but am trying to get all the stuff together.