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Giant Day Geckos not sticking to surfaces

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  • Giant Day Geckos not sticking to surfaces

    I've seen this addressed on other threads but am looking for some fresh insight.
    A couple months ago I transferred my 2 Grandiis to a bioactive enclosure. They seems to be doing great. Then a couple days ago they both lost the ability to stick to vertical surfaces. One of them shed a couple days ago, but seemed ok afterwards. The other has not shed recently. It seemed to happen to both of them very suddenly. The one who shed has zero traction while the other can stick a little. But they're both sitting on the substrate looking very dark.

    Can anyone recommend any sort of treatment? I was thinking of putting them in a container with a 16th inch of warm water for about 20 minutes. That might loosen the dirt or skin or whatever is causing this. Has anybody tried that?