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Leopard Gecko stop eating over a month ago

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  • Leopard Gecko stop eating over a month ago

    My mother in-law had to watch my geckos for 2 months. I visited them 3x a week to feed them and check on them. 1 month I wasn't able to because my husband got Covid. During that time I believe the became stressed out. I've had them home now for over an month. Leo is fine eating well but Shay is not. I gave him a few wax worms when I initially brought them home. Now it's been over a month and he refuse to eat meal worms nor the dubia roaches. i'm afraid to offer him waxworms because I know they're suppose to be treats. What should I do?

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    I have had leopard geckos go for a really long time without eating. Are they in the same enclosure? Any chance that one is being subtly bullied? If the one who isn't eating isn't losing a significant amount of weight, just keep offering (not waxworms) and be patient.



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      Hi, Aliza

      I offered Shay roaches yesterday and still it was a no. My geckos are in separate tanks.