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Giant Day Gecko Vs. Tokay Gecko

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  • Giant Day Gecko Vs. Tokay Gecko

    So I have spare space for an 18x18x24 or similar enclosure, and while I’ve narrowed my favorites down to the giant day and tokay geckos, I’d like to get some more opinions. Which is overall the more fun animal to have? I know you can’t really handle the giant day because of their sensitive skin, but the tokay bites a lot potentially. I currently have a crested gecko and two leopard geckos, so I’m looking for something different and more advanced. I’m also looking for a larger lizard than my leos. My largest leo is 125 grams! I’m open to new lizard suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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    The biggest thing you can think about is that the tokay is nocturnal and the giant day gecko is diurnal, which means that the day gecko lighting is more of an issue. Other than that, it depends on whether you prefer gray/blue/pink or green.



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      I am not an expert, but I have read that day geckos are very flighty and should not be handled unless absolutely necessary, whereas tokays can be tamed (but are pretty bitey). Male tokays may also call a lot at night and they are loud.
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        What about a chahoua?

        Personally, I have a Cuban false chameleon that I absolutely love. Care is about the same as a crestie, except it needs UVB, and eats more insects than CGD. But they are diurnal, very docile, and my male is currently about 150g at 2 years old.

        I think any of the geckos mentioned might get to be a little too big for an 18x18x24 though. My CFC is in an 18x18x36 and makes full use of it. A chahoua or either of the geckos you mentioned also would probably need at least that size.
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          Well, I realized today that because of home downsizing and other chaotic life events happening in the near future, this will probably be my last animal for awhile. Since I came to that realization, I started looking into care for one of my dream animals - the blue tongue skink. I would most likely start with a 40 gallon breeder and then upgrade to a 75 gallon in a few years. I know there are different subspecies of BTS, but I can’t figure out if there’s a size difference. If there is, I should probably get the smallest and cheapest specie. I am of course going for captive bred as well.

          Any BTS info or tips?

          Any good breeders?


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            which means that the day gecko lighting is more of an issue. Other than that, it depends on whether you prefer gray/blue/pink or green.