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    My leopard gecko (around 6-7 years old) laid two dud eggs in April, the last one being laid on the 7th. She has gained little to no weight and as of the last three-four weeks hasn't eaten anything. I've tried assisted feeding, nothing works. Now, she is dangerously skinny and I fear she is dying. She's paler, rarely sheds, and seems to be completely unbalanced, barley being able to walk clearly, and sometimes when resting she barley appears to be breathing. I've looked into the possibility of putting her down, incase she's suffering but if theres a way to save her I want to, especially due to the fact that she's only 6-7. She also will run from any form of touch, even though she used to love being held. She also randomly opens and closers her mouth, similarly to a gaping fish out of water. IF anyone has experienced this please help!! Or simply respond to give me your insight if you also think it's time to let her go....

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    I would take her to a vet. She may have something caught in her throat, causing the gaping and not eating. I would always try a vet visit first.
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      I agree that this is a situation for the vet.