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Eurydactylodes Agricolae Refusing Insects

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  • Eurydactylodes Agricolae Refusing Insects

    I recently purchased a eurydactylodes agricolae (a little over a month ago) and I have been having some trouble feeding him live foods. It would be amazing if anyone could provide any insight. I don’t have his exact hatch date but he must be a juvenile because there is two visible bulges. He has eaten one small Phoenix worms and one cricket so far. I have tried offering small roaches and at times he seems to try to attempt to strike at it but he misses and then just turns and moves away. Most times he shows no interest at all and just turns away (same reaction with Phoenix worms). I have tried ripping the head of the roach to see if the smells gets him going but nothing. I have also left roaches in a small bowl at the bottom of the enclosure but no luck. I have been leaving 3/4 teaspoon of gecko diet (1/4 powder and 2/4 water) three times a week in the enclosure and I hope that he is feeding on that, as there is always plenty left the next morning. Below is some information about the tank so you can get a better picture about set up:

    -12x12x12 exo Terra with live plants leaf litter and springtails (I included a picture of the enclosure)
    -Misting system goes off every 12 hours for 20 seconds.
    -Hanging ledge for Gecko diet.
    -Highest temps in upper portion of tank 78-80 due to LED light
    -lowest temps at bottom around 72-74
    -currently no uvb lighting

    He is actually very active moving around all day and night in plain view. I am just worried he is not getting enough nutrition as he won’t readily take insects. Any advice that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

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    I find that mine mostly eats the Pangea, with an occasional roach, maybe one roach once a week. Since they are active during the day, I would srongly suggest offering UVB. You are doing everything else right. He is probably eating the CGD, it's just that they are so small, you won't notice it. They will rarely if ever clean out a bowl, even with only the small amount of food you put in it.
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