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Looking for a relatively cheap fogger that can hold a humidity level automatically

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  • Looking for a relatively cheap fogger that can hold a humidity level automatically

    Title speaks for itself, currently have a zoomed reptifogger for my Giant Day Gecko but am annoyed that I have to manually keep the humidity level between 60% and 70%.

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    A search of this forum shows that there isn't anything reliable other than the Mist King. For one gecko, it's really expensive. I have 6 (formerly 7) geckos in 4 different enclosures and it's awesome for that. But for one gecko, I don't know of anything inexpensive that works consistently.

    Is your viv planted? Do you have a large, flattish water dish in there? Both live plants (which transpire) and a water dish can raise humidity, and so can covering up mesh areas (although you'll still need to open them or remove the cover for part of the day every day to maintain ventilation and prevent mold from growing).
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      Yes, my viv is planted as of 2 days ago, just got the lights for the plants today. I do not have a flat water dish but I have a feeding ledge with a water spot

      The covering of the mesh top and front has been working for me but as of today, the top is too crowded with lights for me to use the towel.


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        I have been trying to find something that will work for just a couple of geckos as well, and haven't been able to find anything besides manual misters.
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