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Possible Leopard Gecko Morphs?

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  • Possible Leopard Gecko Morphs?

    Hi everyone! I’m new to these forums and wanted some answers on what sorts of possible morphs these leopard geckos are.
    I will be receiving them in a few days to rehabilitate them. They seem a bit underweight and their current owner is keeping the male and female in the same tank. Once they are in my care, things will change.
    However, I’d like to have some opinions on what possible morphs these could be?

    The male is about 4 years old with some crazy pattern and I’d like to know more. (First photo)

    The female is about 3 years old, seems like she could be some sort of bell albino, jungle type. (Second photo)

    Yes they seem a bit malnourished, especially the male, but again, once they are in my care in a few days, they will start their journey becoming healthy, plump geckos.

    Thanks for your time!