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  • Eurydactylodes tank upgrade

    I have a very active Eurydactylodes who uses every inch of his 12x12x18 natural tank. I'd like to upgrade him to a bigger tank (probably 18x18x24), but people always fret about moving small geckos to large tanks because of "finding food" issues. My logic is that geckos in the wild find their food easily, why not captives? I think I'd it setup with multiple feeding stations and hopefully reduce it to one once I figure out what one he's eating from. He's on CGD alone, he's refused crickets and roaches.

    It's just a single Eury and I don't plan on breeding him so he'll be alone in there. Technically he has enough space according to caresheets, but I always like to give my geckos as much room as possible and since he's so active I think he'd like it. Has anyone put a Eurydactylodes in something this large?
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    Sure, why not? I don't think that Eurydactyloides have tiny, tiny territories in the wild. He'll probably enjoy having more space to roam. (And he won't have difficulty smelling or seeing the food, either, so there's no need to put in multiple stations, though you could put them in at the beginning to see which location he prefers to eat from).
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      I have an E agricolae and he used to be in a 18x18x24 and utilized every bit of space provided. Make sure you put some thin branches in there for it to hug on and plenty of coverage and it will be happy.