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Worried. What is this please??

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  • Treebiscuit
    That's a long-horned beetle. I'm not sure what species -- you could post to iNaturalist to find out. Anyway, they probably came in with the wood. They may be harmful to trees (so don't throw them outside unless you have IDed them) but they shouldn't be harmful to your gecko. Don't feed them to the gecko, though, just in case.

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  • Time for heroes
    started a topic Worried. What is this please??

    Worried. What is this please??

    Hi guys. Changed my Leo's substrate to Leo life mixed with earth mix arid (arcadia), and added a climbing branch from local reptile store yesterday. All was fine last night however came down this morning to these two critters sunning themselves in the viv! They did not have permission to stay over and arent paying any keep. Anyone know what they are but more importantly where they came from? I'm a bit freaked I have to admit. They dont seem to fly but hiss a little when touched. I've taken them out but could they have harmed my little guy?? He has quite the appetite although hes only young.
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