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Leopard gecko trouble...

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  • Leopard gecko trouble...

    I’ve had a leopard gecko for nearly a year now, I was trying to handle him for a month and then soon gave up, this probably was a bad idea but due to GCSEs I had no time for the poor fella. Since this whole corona has happened I’m left with nothing to do, however this little guy had had his eyes closed for 2 weeks. Me and the mother have put him in a puddle of water in the sink and have checked his eyes and noticed hard gunky kind of stuff. She sterilised some tweezers and got it out, however he still won’t open his eyes (well I’m guessing it’s a he). Also now I’m too scared to handle him as he is very fast and doesn’t even like a stroke on the back, how do I fix my problems? Can anyone help or going through the same situation?