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Green Anole Setup Advice (Mainly Plants)

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  • Green Anole Setup Advice (Mainly Plants)

    Hi there! I have a 36x18x36 exo-terra for my green anoles (one male and one female at the moment). I only get rescue anoles, so I want to give them the absolute best lives possible. I have a schefflera, philodendron, and wandering jew all around the middle and top, some wandering jew and millet growing on the bottom, and I'm getting more moss in soon. My basking spot is about 85ish degrees, humidity ranges from 60-70% depending on when I water the plants, and they have a wide variety of insects to feed from since this is a bioactive vivarium. There are superworms, dubias (they stay in their areas and don't cause problems, the anoles eat the occasional babies), springtails, and isopods maintaining their own populations, I just add in more dusted crickets several times a week. They also get misted several times a day. My only issue--and a big one, imo--is that the anoles stay brown. Do you think the issue is that they need more plants to hide among? There used to be two schefflera, but I didn't have a full-length UVB bulb at the time and one died. If that might be it, what other plants do you recommend to put in? I've had a bunch of different kinds, but I removed them when it felt like they weren't doing very well--my mom now has a ton of my old plants as part of her little 'garden'. I have two more baby scheffleras growing on the side, which I could definitely add in when they get bigger, but their growth is slow. Thanks for any feedback!!

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    I know nothing about anoles but lots about plants. Now that you have a grow light, the plants should do better. Make sure that you water them -- misting alone won't provide the moisture to the roots that they need.

    The plant that is doing the best in my smaller Exo-Terra is a prayer plant, Maranta leuconeura. They're hardy and, once they get going, they really crank out the leaves -- I've had to trim mine back a number of times. The crestie I have in the enclosure with this plant loves to sleep among the leaves. He's also close to 50 g and an awkward fellow who falls off the ceiling, jumps onto plants, etc., yet the plant has been going strong for years. These plants are easy to find at big box stores, florists, etc., and are not expensive. Give one a try!

    PS -- Schefflera are great but don't grow fast. IME, wandering Jew (Tradescantia sp.) can grow quickly, but it's scraggly and sections often die off for no apparent reason. Philodendrons can grow quickly but I don't have much experience with them personally because I'm not a fan of how they look.
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      I'll definitely look into the prayer plant (it's gorgeous!!). I think the anoles would fit very nicely on the leaves. I also agree on the wandering Jew and philodendron. I'm really not a fan of how the philo looks, nor the WJ, but I wanted more plants and just had those available. The philo itself is about ten feet long and very messy looking, and I'm not even sure it's going to do well since I have it in a little pot perched out of sight. For the prayer plant, how would you go about planting it? I'd be hesitant planting it on the bottom since there is a lot of driftwood in the way of a lot of the light--though I did get the HOT5, so it definitely reaches a lot farther down now. It also appears to be growing in a horizontal fashion, with a bit of vertical growth. I'm mainly looking to fill that empty top right corner, and the top wire seems too small to put hooks in for a hanging basket.