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    Hello. I am new here but not new to keeping reptiles. I recently got a crocodile gecko. I have had him 2 and a half weeks. He shed the first week. But all he does is hide all day and night. He won't eat. Tried meal worms wax worms crickets and roaches. I am wondering could he be hibernating. I read that sometimes they do. But this has never happened before to me. He has a 30 gallon tank. 80 degrees on the warm side and 70 on the cool side and I have a fogger as the humidity here is way too low.. how long can he go with out eating.

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    I just recently got two crocodile geckos one male one female. Because they are a true pair the Male gives me hell if I try to remove him from the female. From what I have noticed they do better in pairs or multiple females and one male. In the wild they roam in groups their never alone. Males are also more apt to hid all day and not eat than females are. With these guys the females are docile and more willing to cooperate and the males are going to fight you every step of the way. Personally I would get him a friend however keep trying mine love crickets and wax worms. I can't keep enough of them in the tank. Mine also free feed I put enough in to last a couple days and if I see they have eaten I replace the number they've ate. These guys are a little different then most reptiles when it comes to the way they like to live. I also keep my tank at 85-95 during the day and 70 at night. For their water to make sure they are drink iij mg I must the tank either once a day or every other day. They prefer hot and very little humidity. I had a humidifier and mine just hid all the time but since I've removed it and whent to misting the tank by hand they have come out and started climbing around.