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  • Help! Eggs?

    I recently bought my first tropical lizard. I have only had dessert lizards before this and he is a male as well. My tropical lizard is a female day gecko, unsure of age - maybe a year? I have been feeding her crickets once a week (about 8 medium) and the Repashy creates gecko diet a couple times a week. She also has tried grapes, kiwi, and blueberry but not often. I got her from petco because she had been in the enclosure there for months and i just had fallen in love with her attitude and nobody would take her home. About 3 weeks ago she laid an egg! And she laid another one yesterday, the first one she left alone and i eventually threw away when she stopped showing interest in it because from my knowledge she has never been housed with a male and honestly i don’t think i am ready to try to raise a hatchling. Well, today she ate the other egg and then she shed. I am not sure if i ahoild
    ne worried or be getting her help with the egg laying? Can this harm her? Can she get egg bound? I also have noticed she has been spending a lot kf
    time on the floor of her terrarium which worries me a lot. She is normally
    a medium shade of green but right now she is a very light and vibrant green that i have not seen from her before. Currently she has a water dish, a small feeding dish, a tree, and some logs in her home but i just bought her some
    and a side heating pad. I guess I’m just trying to ask if everyone has some
    advice, should i be worried or am i just a paranoid first time mom?! My leopard gecko is so much easier to care for and I’m worried i made the jump to tropical too soon.


    worried mom