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Unwell Fat Tailed Gecko

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  • Unwell Fat Tailed Gecko

    Hey all, I recently started working at a pet store and noticed a fat tailed gecko that wasn't doing well. My manager allowed me to take it home, but I don't know what to expect from this kind of gecko. When I first took it out it was completely stiff, I thought it was dead. I offered it water via a spray bottle and it didn't want it. My next idea was to get a container and fill it with a very small amount of warm water and let it soak. The little white patches on its body improved, so I assume they are stuck shed. Its whole body looked dehydrated too, and after a while of soaking peacefully with constant warm water it seemed a bit better. It began to constantly drink water in bursts, and I ended up hand feeding it crickets since it took 4 small crickets. It dropped its tail in the store, so I assume it was stressed.

    Background info aside, this guy has white spots of skin on its body, its body has a very pink tint, it seems to huff, almost like a cough when it is active, and it dropped its tail. Any advice? I'm a fishkeeper primarily but I've got a beardie so I do have some supplies on hand.