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Bearded dragon brumation questions

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  • Bearded dragon brumation questions

    So I've had my dragon for almost a year now, I'm not entirely sure what his exact age is, but I was told that, based on size, he's a little over a year. Unsure how accurate that is. He's 16 inches if that helps any. I live in the midwest in the us so it's currently freezing and I just wanted to make sure he's doing alright. I'm aware reptiles can go into brumation around this time of year, but I'm unsure if his current behavior is actually that or something's wrong. He hasn't touched his food in weeks and therefore hasn't pooped or anything within that time as well. I know that's normal, but he hasn't been sleeping the entire time either. He is much more tired than usual and sleeps a lot, but is it normal for him to have random spurts of energy as well? Nothing too crazy, just him exploring a bit before going back to sleep, but I've seen some sites that say that's not really brumation then so I worry that something may be wrong. And I tend to be a paranoid mother as is.

    If it helps any, he's in a 40 gallon breeder tank, basking spot is in the low 100's, cold side is in the lower 80's. He has a UVB light and is fed superworms and collard greens/bell peppers (sparingly on those)- calcium with D3 every other day. Though I haven't bothered much with the veggies since he hasn't touched them in weeks. I'll try hand feeding him to see if I should put some in there, but he hasn't wanted anything to do with them. I drop a few worms into his hide where he's been hunkered down just in case, but again, I've been having to remove those as well since they go uneaten. If I'm forgetting any other helpful information, I'll be happy to provide. Here's a couple pictures of him before and after he started doing this as well if it helps any.