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  • Ovulating female leo

    Hello, I have two female Leo sisters who just turned a year old in October....... they have not been bred! So I’m assuming they are ovulating, they are clearly round in the middle and you can see the eggs in the belly, they look like stuffed sausages!!! However I’m seeking info on how long does ovulation last, how long til they lays eggs or if they don’t what signs should I look for egg binding, also They aren’t eating and there tails are visable losing fat!! I’m most worried about my tiny female who has enigma syndrome!!! And stress and i don’t want them to die, I raised from babies( I didn’t breed their mom, she was a rescue ended up being gravid, only eggs to survive and hatch) please help/ease my mind!! I’m about to take them to the vet but I’m worried stress will make worse

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    Ovulation looks like small pink spheres in the mid belly. All leopard gecko females can ovulate but without a male, most will reabsorb the proto-eggs and never lay anything. Some females do lay, though the eggs will be duds. The best you can do is to provide a lay box and let her (them) lay the eggs. I don't breed leopard geckos anymore but I have one who has laid for the past 2 years anyway. I would give them a week or so to lay. If they don't, or if they are even more lethargic, it's worth bringing them to the vet despite the possible stress.



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      It’s been about week, these look like actual eggs inside them! I guess I’ll bring to vet