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  • Help identify please!

    Found this guy at work. They were gonna put him outside. Trying to give him a life. Any ideas?
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    OK, it's definitely a gecko. I have no idea what kind or where it's from. Try iNaturalist? (There are sites for different countries around the world but they all feed into the same database). is a social network for naturalists! Record your observations of plants and animals, share them with friends and researchers, and learn about the natural world.
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      House gecko (genus Hemidactylus). Google for care.



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        Agree with Aliza
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          Trying to give him a life. Any ideas? Tutuapp 9Apps ShowBox


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            Basic care for a Mediterranean or house gecko:

            The only thing I would say to do differently is try not to handle, but if you must, put your hand in front to get it to walk onto your hand. Coming at a gecko from the top and trying to "grab" them makes them think you are a predator.

            So basics - glass tank (high is probably better than wide), a light on one side during the day to get a gradient of heat, places to hide, things to climb (cork bark works really well), a safe substrate (paper towel to start with), regular diet of Pangea or Repashy gecko food, with gutloaded dusted insects given occasionally.

            Keep water available in a small cup, but also mist daily. They will mostly lick water droplets off plants/tank walls.
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              this looks very strange ! i'm sorry but i'm unable to identify ! Shareit app vidmate apk
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