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Smooth-sided toad died

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  • Smooth-sided toad died


    My smooth-sided toad passed this morning. I set up a vet appointment for today, but it was too late. I got her two weeks ago and she was doing fine, adjusted very well! A few days after, she started getting a bit lethargic, but I was told it was normal. By week two, she was acting weird, trying to get out of the enclosure. I had to set up some moss around the edges so she wouldn't hurt herself. She also stopped eating. The next day, she had some dried toxin on her gland. I wiped it away, and called the vet. She didn't move from the same spot for hours (horizontal), but she was still alive and seemed okay. Her eyes were clear, skin looked good. Next morning, her gland was covered in the leaked toxin, and she was dead. I was thinking of getting a necropsy done, but it was too expensive. The vet had no idea what it could have been though, so I turned to you guys.

    I meant to take pictures, but I was too upset (I really loved her). She's buried now, so sorry for the lack of pictures. Her terrarium is a 36x18x18. Water de-chlorinated and changed daily (or more when needed). Temperature and humidity good (75 degrees F, 60-75% humidity). I used reptisoil and loose coconut fiber substrate. There's also some exoterra forest moss. There's a fake plant, and a one live gold ribbon plant. She has a good sized cave to hide in. Any insight would be appreciated!

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    I’m so sorry for your loss!
    It seems like something was really stressing her out..
    Was she an adult toad or a captive bred baby?
    Adults are usually always wild caught and she could’ve likely been loaded with parasites. As for babies, toadlets and froglets do have a higher mortality rate, that’s why they have so many babies at once. Honestly your care seems perfect, only thing I can think of is she had issues from being wild caught or just wasn’t a strong enough baby.
    You said you had a gold ribbon plant, the lucky bamboo? From what I know about it it’s toxic to cats and dogs, possibly she could’ve come in contact with the plant’s “juices”? ie; a broken leaf or damaged stem? I’m not sure about it’s toxicity to terrarium animals. But it’s the only thing I could think of I hope you can find answers!