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Timor monitor set up

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  • Timor monitor set up

    I’m building a 4’x4’x5’ vivarium and decided to place a water feature on the second level of the front half of my vivarium to help reduce the amount of dirt put into the water. I would like some ideas for what type of heat to use and where to place it and also ideas on the amount of light to use and type. I will be planting vivarium with hardy tropical plants and will let them establish well before introducing the Timor monitor. I will create a tunnel system to let the monitor hide under substrate and a heated cave under substrate and use as nesting box with access from the side to keep clean. Also is it ok to use styrofoam when making faux rock for basking areas under high temps of 120 degrees plus. If not what are other options for light weight rock basking areas. Also how to add pics here so I can show the the vivarium being built?