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Feeding chameleon free range crickets

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  • Feeding chameleon free range crickets

    I want to free range my feeder crickets to stimulate my panther chameleon to hunt. If I leave food in my chameleons enclosure for the crickets to eat, will that keep them from biting my chameleon? I would put around 10-12 crickets in there in the morning and leave them in there all day, and if there are any left at night I would put in some food for the crickets to eat so they don't bother the cham. I don't actually have my chameleon yet, I just want to know everything before I get one, and I am planning on getting at least a 6 month old to a year old chameleon. Should I feed around 10 large crickets every day, or every other day? Should I attempt to take out all of the left over crickets at night, or will leaving food in there for them keep them away from the chameleon?