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Red eared slider diet advice

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  • Red eared slider diet advice

    I know this fourm is mainly for gecko species but i was wondering if anyone could lend me some advice on my current red eared sliders diet. I was wondering if this weekly meal plan is good or not.

    Monday- pellets
    Tuesday- green leaf lettuce + carrot bits
    Wednesday- pellets w/ shrimp
    Thursday- pellets
    Friday- green leaf lettuce + carrot bits
    Saturday- pellets w/ shrimp?
    Sunday- pellets

    Also should i start adding calcium powder to any of the veggies or pellets? Thank you!

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    I don't have any red-eared turtles, here are two good articles. It looks like carrot greens would be better than the carrots themselves, and that iceberg or head lettuce really doesn't have much nutritional value - darker greens are better:
    TAD "Tiny Ancient Dinosaur" (Crestie), Hidey (Garg), O.G. "Office Gecko" (Bauer's Chameleon gecko), TBD "Tiny Badass Dragon" (Western Bearded Anole), 3.1.0
    Rody Jane (cattledog/stinkwad mix), Dixie Moonpie (rattledog) George P-Dog (lab/Great Pyr) 1.2.0, Ringer (barn cat) 1.0.0