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What kind of turtle is this?

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  • What kind of turtle is this?

    So my cousin lives in Iran and she just got a small turtle and put it in a new aquarium and everything, the only problem is that she doesn't know what kind of turtle it is and she sent some pictures so I can try to identify it. Gimme some help guys

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    possibly a snapping turtle. because of the long tail and head shape


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      I'm not sure what kind it is. Can she care for it properly? If she took it out of the wild, I'd put it back (in a safe area) and not take any wild ones.
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        Where’d she get it? If she found him outside, I would definitely put him back and never take a turtle out of the wild again. This guy is very young. Possibly a musk turtle, but it’s hard to tell til he gets older.

        What is he kept in and how is it setup?
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          Guys chill she bought it from a store and her setup is quite nice and I know cuz i own a mississippi map, she’s just curious to what breed it is