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Blood in beardies poop, help!

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  • Blood in beardies poop, help!

    Hey my beardys poop looks like it has blood in it and I can't get to a vet really as I don't have a vehicle but if it gets any worse I'll find one, she was severely malnourished and not taken care of at all before I got her, she is about two years old and is 12 inches long, (she was 11" when I got her) she has gained alot of weight since I've had her (not exactly sure how much cause I don't have a scale) but the last couple day she kinda seems to be losing weight, she is still eating good as of today, I fed her about 10-15 crickets dusted with calcium with d3, I feed her vegetables and fruit every day or every other day including collard greens, dandelion greens, radicchio, shredded butternut squash and carrots, red peppers and some fruit once every week or two including blueberries and grapes, I try and switch up her veggies every week, the last couple days its been butternut squash red peppers and radicchio and she had a grape yesterday (she ate pretty much all of it but a little bit of radicchio) i dust her food every other day. her temps in the cool side are around 80 most of the time and the hot side is between 85 and 90 F, basking spot is at 105-110F. Currently I have a reptisun 5.0 UVB compact fluorescent UVB lamp until I can get A full length one, I have her In. A 40 gallon aquarium and have the UVB bulb right by her basking spot which she usually just sits most of the day and on her hammock which it is also in range of (the hammock is within 12 inches of it) today she was happy to get her crickets and seemed to be doing fine until just an hour or two after I fed her and there was bright red in her poop which looks like blood, and now she is just sitting on the floor away from her basking spot and doesn't look as perked up and happy as she usually is(she has quite the personality most of the time) she looks like she's not feeling good, I spend alot of time with her and monitor her alot of the day as I'm laid off from work for the winter so I have alot of time for her right now, she's definitely not being her usual self.
    Is there anyway it could be from the crickets?
    Or could she be dehydrated? I try giving her a wide variety of veggies and fruits and she has generally never had any problems except a couple really runny stools after I gave her celery the one time (never again) and just some random other times but I figure it is just from having to much liquid in the veggies,
    Could it be from not having the proper UVB lighting? I know I should have one that goes the entire length of the tank and reptisun 10.0 is the best, I'm really trying to get one for her just been having some tough times and figured I'm still doing a hell of alot better than her previous owner (she never had a UVB light her whole life that I know of)
    Could the blood be from previously being mistreated? I've had her for 3 or 4 months now,
    I also leave a shallow water bowl in her tank which I've only seen her try to during from once,
    I would say she has gained a ton of weight since I had her and in all is doing really good, just not sure what the blood could be from, she never had anything red to eat today, but yesterday she had a bit of red pepper and radicchio but she has used the bathroom since than, I can't see it being from that. I'm honestly hoping it was something to do with the crickets because I've been doin the best I can to take good care of her. The only thing I know she needs is a better UVB lamp but I've been giving her the calcium with d3 to help metabolize the calcium encase she's not getting enough, the first day I got the UVB light it was amazing how much she perked up (after she refused to move the entire day when I put it by her basking spot) but the next day she was doing awesome,
    Anyway any help or recommendations at all would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    I don't have beardies, but I would suggest it could be from eating the red pepper which can color the poop red, or have flecks of red in an otherwise normal poop. If the poop was hard, it could have scraped her cloaca and could be a sign of dehydration. Any kind of new foods can cause differences in droppings so if you've offered any other new items it could affect it.

    Have you tried giving her a bath? Is it warm enough you can take her outside in the sun for a couple of hours? What brands of supplements do you use? Some have color enhancing pigments that can affect the color of their poop.
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      Hey thanks for the reply, I am pretty sure it was from being dehydrated, today her skin was wrinkled a bit and she has alot of signs of dehydration, I have been trying out some new foods for her and I think that has somethin to do with it, she can be very picky but always eats quite abit for her size, I sometimes leave the veggies in her tank overnight and when it dries out she still ate them, not sure if that would be bad for them but I always try and take it out and keep it fresh, she has been having some weird poops since I started feeding her squash, and the peppers,
      Today she ate her entire plate of veggies really fast and seemed to be feeling quite a bit better, I give her a bath once a week and gave her another one today, I'm gonna get some pedialite to add to the water to help with hydration.
      Ill prolly give her another bath this evening or tomorrow when I get the pedialite,
      I use rep-cal calcium with d3 and that's the only supplement I use, I try to make sure she gets a wide variety of fruits and veggies that are high in vitamins, she has never had any problems until recently, but maybe it was just building up...
      I wish I could take her outside but it's still below freezing outside, hopefully this summer she gets to go out alot.
      I might try just sticking with veggies and fruit for the next couple days and see how she does, she will
      Probably have trouble digesting the crickets if she's not hydrated enough.