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New Video of my Frilled Dragon

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  • New Video of my Frilled Dragon

    This is Franky one of my Frilled Dragons

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    Ferocious little guy! Also, I love your cat's thumbs.
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      Aw, he's polydactyl <3 The lizard's pretty awesome too!
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        I have three poly cats actually. They are the best types of cats.


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          gotta love pets that keep coming back for more. my dog has gotten plenty of gecko-bites on the nose because she can't keep her head out of the tubs while I'm feeding.
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            They really are. I have one, he is a brown tabby also (which I also think is the best color of cats as well). Mine is a little mean. He loves us dearly but will swat a visitor if they just walk past him while he is sitting on the kitchen counter (bad kitty). Lucas:Click image for larger version

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            Crested geckos, sikorae, tokay, flying geckos, axolotl


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              I absolutely love frilleds, and if I had the space, I would have one for sure. Their attempts at intimidation are very entertaining. Great video, thanks for sharing.



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                I dont think ive ever seen that type of lizard. that thing is pretty cool