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Monty - updated pics!

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  • Monty - updated pics!

    Monty (my J. Xantholophus chameleon) is now almsot 15 months old. He has grown into a handsome boy! Thought I would share a few pics of how he looked when I brought him home and how he looks now he's all grown up!

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    That is a lovely Xantho boy! He's got beautiful non-stress coloring in those pics, which is always nice to see.

    I also have the same hand puppet. Great cham keepers think alike!
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      Thank you! He is the most chilled out boy ever and I love him to bits! I've had him since he was just 7 weeks old so he has grown up knowing that I am not a threat to him. He is very friendly! He only shows his stress colours when he sees the cat, but the rest of the time he is that lovely clean green colour! What chams do you have?

      Edit - sorry, just seen your sig - I am now going to search for photos of your chams!
      Tiff - Chamelemum to Monty & Zippy, Crestie Mum to Splat, Buffie & Rusty and Leachie Mum to Armani!


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        Is that a Jackson's chameleon? My dad and I had one way back when I was in elementary school. At that age, it was basically his, but happened to live in my room. I always thought they looked like Triceratops.
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          Beautiful! Wow!
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            He looks amazing! I love his little horns (if that's what they're technically called? haha).