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Exo Terra 12x12 Terrarium - What animals can you house comfortably inside it?

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  • Exo Terra 12x12 Terrarium - What animals can you house comfortably inside it?


    I recently came into possession of an Exo Terra 12x12x12 glass terrarium.

    What kinds of animals can I responsibly house in it besides invertebrates? Are there any small herps I can keep inside for any length of time?

    I don't have anything specific in mind for it right now, but it would be nice to know what options are available to me. If a terrarium of this size is impractical for anything but invertebrate animals which I have no interest in keeping, then I might be better off selling it or throwing it away.


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    You could use it for a hatchling tank for a Crestie, or keep some type of small frog in there? I think I heard someone mention on here before that a Bumblebee Toad can live comfortably in a Nano Terrarium.

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      A small terrestrial gecko would do well in a 12" cube. A single pictus (panther) gecko might be ok, and I think a viper gecko (maybe a small group?) could be housed in it. The key is creating more "floor" space by providing safe climbing surfaces that fill more of the empty space of the upper regions of the tank.
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        Awesome. Thanks a lot for the suggestions everyone. I'll do a little bit of research on each of the species you recommended.


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          I keep mourning geckos in my 12x12, and you can also set up a terrarium for some of the smaller poison dart frogs.
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            i have a 12 12 12 too

            I have 2 of my pacific tree fogs in mine but their babies. I want to know too what to do with it when i move them into a bigger tank. So i have the same question as you let me know when you figure out what you are going to put in it. I am trying to find some thing cool to put in mine.