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Types of critters housed in shoreline vivarium?

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  • Types of critters housed in shoreline vivarium?


    My husband and I have been wanting to combine our hobbies and would love to have a shoreline type vivarium. I'm doing research right now before we jump right in. I wanted to know what could we house in something with land and a decent amount of water with live plants?

    We want to breed and keep shrimp, is there anything else safe enough to place in with them if they can be in a land/water vivarium? Or with fiddler crabs, newts, mud skippers? I looked up some critters and I'm trying to see what else and how many different kinds we can (IF we can) all together. I've seen where some keep little fish with a fiddler or newt/salamander.

    Any info/experience would be greatly appreciated

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    I keep vampire crabs. They're kind of hard to find, but very cool. They also give birth to live young, making them one of the only crabs that can reasonably breed in captivity. They usually stake out a spot, some preferring land, others water. If you're planning on other animals, I guess you'd have a problem with the babies becoming prey. Just a thought.



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      what you could do is model the viv after a certain area, and then look at the species within it. choose two that would never, or rarely come in contact and happen to occupy different niches (food source, where they live, where they feed)


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        The thing is you have to keep in mind water types, fiddler crabs are brackish water, there are not many species of amphibians you will find available that inhabit brackish water. There are also different species of fiddler crabs, and they do not all live on sand, some prefer more muddy type land areas, so be sure if you get a fiddler you determine what type you have. There are some fishes you can keep in with them as they generally dont mess with fish except to run them off, so you could do things like mollies, guppies, and even smaller brackish water gobies. Now mollies and guppies tend to come from brackish water however pet stores keep them in fresh water, so it would be best to start the tank up as fresh water and slowly increase the salinity of the tank to get them used to the brackish water. And by that time the tank will have some bacteria growing in the sand, and generally more biologically stable to add in a crab or two. Just be sure you have a very tight fitting lid, and a good filter, these guys do not tolerate bad water well at all.
        lets just say I have a lot of stuff