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Petstore visit 7/8/2011

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  • Petstore visit 7/8/2011

    Was hoping to get a chance to photograph the sandfish skink that was out and about the last time I was there.

    Pictures are in order taken.

    The following 3 pictures are cropped from above above photo

    lol finally got pictures of these guys. Before everytime I bring my camera along they either had the fog machine running or the frogs were in hiding.

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    I was impressed by the first animals, but those frogs, WOW. Those are freakin awesome!
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      Amazing photography!
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        Great pics, especially the one of the chameleon. Looks like a nice store, judging from the selection.

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          Wow those are some great pictures (and critters!). What camera do you use?
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            Great pictures you should consider entering the exo terra photo contest

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              The pictures are awesome, so clear. Now thats the 5d quality. what lens?
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                Absolutely stunning photos!
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                  Stunning! Please tell us about your camera and lens.



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                    Thanks for the complimentary comments everyone. This is only a small number of the animals they have there.

                    Setup I use for these photos:

                    Camera body: Canon 5D mark 1 (not the new mark 2 model)
                    Lens: Sigma 150mm macro lens
                    Flash: Canon 430EX II position either to the left or right of camera
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                      Gorgeous photos - I'm impressed with the quality, especially considering that it's done through glass.

                      I'm also impressed that they let you photograph their animals.
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                        I always asked the employees in there before taking any photos. Reputable stores always gives me the ok, it's usually the ones that don't really take care for their animals don't let.
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                          What kind of frog is that?
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