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Yellow-Spotted Tree Frogs (Leptopelis Flavomaculatus)

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    Those are so adorable, I love their eyes!!


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      Originally posted by Thatredhead3itch View Post
      Ok two questions... I looked up the yellow spotted tree frog... Not only does it not look like these frogs shown, but it is listed as critically endangered with only one living wild population... So I looked up the scientific name you listed in the title Leptopelus Flavomaculatus. That came up with ornate tree frog. These frogs look similar to the one u are speaking of... I could easily be mistaken because google doesn't know everything so I was hoping someone could help me. Thanks!

      Yellow spotted tree frog scientific name is litoria castanea. This is one of my sources...

      Here they are listing some conflicting information as well :

      Ok so after further searching I'm even more confused... I found so much conflicting information and no solid answers... First of all I can only find an ornate horned frog or an ornate peacock frog... I don't even think it is an ornate frog after finding these two sites...

      I'm at a loss!!! I'm going to bring the pics to umass to ask a biologist.
      If you read the description in your second link and look at the original photos I posted, they are a match.
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