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looky what i got ! ! !

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    Totally Frigging Cool!! I've been lusting after a couple Vorax but can't spare the room, lol. I am so excited for you!! I hope you get to breed soon and wish you TONS of luck! Those should be a fun project and a neat gecko to research and learn about as well!
    ~ Dorothy ~

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      Congratulations, Max
      Originally posted by max power
      lol thats rite i forgot i told u friday that i wanted some. i found them at the local reptile show yesterday. they were the only two there and they were priced @ $160, i told the guy that they were $55 online and he took it.
      Wow! Good deal. I am constitutionally incapable of effective bargaining, and greatly envy those who can do it successfully. Sometimes I feel like the proverbial dairy farmer: buy retail, sell wholesale, and pay the freight both ways.

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