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  • cornsnakes

    I came across some pictures of my corns so I thought I'd share them here since I don't take new pics of them much anymore. First up is my big bruiser Slick, he's over 5 feet long now (and not as dark as the pic makes him look).

    This is my girl Sally. She's not as big as Slick, but her personality is every bit as good. She's an anerythristic motley by the way.

    Neither of these two ever refuses a meal, but they are totally mellow and I've let kindergarten classes handle them. I bred the two of them to each other in 2004 for some nice looking normal hets, but they're just great pets now. Corns might not be the fanciest most exotic snakes out there, but I definitely have a soft spot for them because of these two.

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    Very nice. I love the color of the male. Nice and dark with that NEON belly.
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      Nice looking corns. When I got married a few years back, I got rid of almost all my snakes. I had started with corns... did all the different color morphs, hatched out a ton of babies, etc... and then started working with some high end variable kingsnakes. I still have a soft spot for corns too. If I was to get back into snake breeding, I'd go with corns... so many different traits to work with, and the babies were so much easier to get started than the kings I was working with.
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        very pretty

        I attempted to breed my caramel and butter last yr but it didn't work...she had been bred previously...

        if I'm able to get a rack soon I hope to try breeding my bps...will just see how things go

        but my cresteds slowly started laying eggs again after their new babies due in the beginning of april yay


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          Both are gorgeous! Love that male!
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