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Todays hatchlings

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  • Todays hatchlings

    These guy's are tiny,I couldn't get my camera to focus in on them they're so small.BOBBY

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    Wow, what species is that?
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    8.10.9 Crested Geckos
    1.2 Gargoyle Geckos
    1.1 Tangerine Phase Albino AFT's
    0.3 Peach Phase Albino AFT's (two are striped)
    1.0 Bearded Dragons
    1.2 Viper Geckos
    1.1 Yellow-headed Cape Geckos
    0.1 Panther Geckos
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      day gecko ...?


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        It is a day gecko,Lygodactylus kimhowelli.They like it alot drier then the phelsuma species,I keep their temps up into the upper 90's with relatively no humidity.BOBBY


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          congrats bobby..thouse the eggs you posted a while ago..
          -Jeff Bogdanoff


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            Bobby, what type of day geckos do you breed?? I am looking for some. How hard are they to keep??

            Thanks Derek

            Oh and cool baby, what do you house that small of an animal in??
            Derek Dunlop
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              I'm just starting to get into day geckos,but I might have a few P.breviceps here soon,they are a very interesting gecko and unlike most other phelsuma species.Don't go by the pics you see in the books or on the net they do them no justice at all,I'll try and get some good photos tomorrow.I keep a couple of other species of Phelsuma but haven't bred them yet and probably won't until next season.You can try and contact Jay Sommers he'll definitely be able to help you out.I'm housing these guys in medium sized deli cups,and they still have plenty of room to roam.BOBBY


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                Wow, those have got to be the smallest lizards I've ever seen in my life!!!!! Bobby, you have a lot of cool stuff. (that was a severe understatement)
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