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  • Piebald Fat-Tail

    Ok, those of you in the know.......... would you indeed classify this baby as a piebald? Note the white-"socked" foot.


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    I'm not an expert, but from my understanding it could be. To be piebald a fat-tail just has to have one albino foot. However, it can be multiple feet and sometimes even up to the elbow.
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      in fatties, I would consider that a pied, but I acually think it is mis-nammed. I would call them white footed . Kinda like in Ball Pythons, Hypos are called ghosts, when ghosts are acaully axanthis/anery X hypos. Nice Fattie!


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        From what I've seen online and what people have been telling me that see her, I keep hearing "piebald". It's my understanding that all pied fat-tails are female (this is too)... but when she was born the foot looked neon pink. The odd thing is I have one pair of fatties (striped morph) that have been breeding for 5 years... and suddenly THIS popped out. Gotta love genetics, huh?


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          It could be, the white isn't that white. I saw a pic of one like that in this months reptile mag. its feet were really white.

          I like that tail pattern though.

          Nice fattie, did you hatch it??
          Derek Dunlop

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            I did I did! That's what I'm saying, it's not "white out" white... but it fits the pattern.