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  • Red eyed tree frog

    Got some pictures of Wilson my red eyed tree frog today enjoying his new tank he was in a 10 gallon all by himself and it was just way too much room for him so i downsized him to a 2.5 gallon tank he still dosnt move much from one spot unless there food so i think hes alright anyways onto the pics ^__^

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    What an adorable little guy, and he has a cute name! His name reminds me of the movie Cast Away, haha.
    Red Eyed Tree Frogs are so cute, they make me want to get one/some.
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      Awww.... I agree with Aquira!!!
      He's super cute... does make me want to get one as well!
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        There only $15 at my local show or you can special order them threw petsmart for $50 I got wilson from petsmart (it was before a vendor at a show started selling his) and for comming from pet smart he is an amazing animal very healthy and well tooken care for and amazing color to boot ^_^ They dont need heat and there not big movers so its easy to put them in a 2.5 gallon from petsmart that comes with the glass top they need the humidity at 100% and with the glass lid you only have to mist every 3 months very easy animal to keep


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          I love Red-eyes.

          Strange they tell you to keep them in such small enclosures though. I always heard they benefited from numbers, and a large enclosure. I kept my trio in a 29 gallon. Unfortunately many also come in WC with a ton of parasites. Do you know if yours was CB?


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            yeah it was captive bred, i know a guy that breeds them very very well captivly albinos too! I havnt tryed getting a second one i dont wanna jinx the one i have he wasnt a big mover it would take him weeks to move from one side of the tank to the other when he was in the 10 gallon so thats why i downsized him to the 2.5 gallon now it only takes him a couple of days i have no clue why hes so lazy but hes an amazing frog when hes being handled and hes great for the kids i love taking him to the elementry schools to teach kids about frog conservation hes a better motivater than toads because of his colors


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              Very cute lil guy! I have always thought they were one of the neatest frogs!
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