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  • A few new additions...

    These guys and gals just arrived on tuesday.....was just going to get the mossies to go with a female we already had, but we got an awesome deal on the pair of fimbriatus and couldn't pass them up!

    and since I don't think I've ever posted pics of them, my lineatus that I've had since last may...

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    The more I see hem the more I want some, but I just hate taking animals out of the wild and I can't find any CB

    Yours are awsome though, they look like aliens
    Derek Dunlop
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      Awesome leaftails! Are they hard to take care of? Have you ever bred them?
      Steve Page

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        I LOVE the lineatus. I've been thinking about getting a pair... just need to get an enclosure set up. (And to stop buying other things! Aghhh! Lol.) :razz: Very nice animals.

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          (sorry, accidental double post)
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            Dang, those are some of the nicest Uroplatus I've seen! You must be proud.


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              I never get tired of looking at those crazy guys, zephyr, thanks for posting! The lineatus always makes me think I'm watching a carving come to life......
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                nice uroplatus you have there. Are the fimbriatus cb?