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  • new reptile arrangement

    well, been like this for a couple first my room was divided down the middle to fit everything except 2...but got the heavy duty shelving from home great...just a bit more annoying to get into but the room looks better
    clockwise from here


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    Nice Layout, looks like your ball python is trying to make a break for it LOL
    Derek Dunlop
    Croc's Rule- Steve Irwin


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      d@mn how do you keep your herp room so clean!!!


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        Haha, I bet she only takes pics when it's clean, like me! It looks fantastic though. I have the same plastic Home Depot shelf as you have, sircat. Hey, what brand of cage is that yellow cubey one with the white perches?
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          HaHa that looks like most of my apartment, I can't wait till my roomate moves out and I can fill up his bedroom too!
          ~ Cheers,Mandy


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            Originally posted by RangerGrrl
            Hey, what brand of cage is that yellow cubey one with the white perches?
            I believe those are Neodoshas (sp??) I have a few for some snakes they are like visioncages.

            I don't know if they still make neodoshas still or not (it might just be the ones with the slanted fronts ??)
            Derek Dunlop
            Croc's Rule- Steve Irwin


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              WOW i envey you. sweet setup

              Rhacodactylus Ciliatus(2.1.2)
              Uroplatus ebanaui(0.1.0)
              Eublepharis Macularis(0.1.0)
              Chrysemys picta picta(0.1.0)
              Eryx colubrinus(1.0.0)
              Rhacodactylus chahoua (0.0.1)
              Kinosternon leucostomum (0.0.1)
              Teratolepis fasciata (0.0.1)
              Fish(to many)
              Many furry beings


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                sorry it's so long in btwn my posts job keeping me busy...try to do overtime, work out after, dinner, feed animals...doesn't leave me much time

                yes, that yellow cage is a neodesha...don't know if they make them anymore...I traded for the snakes and their cage since jcps were at the top of my wishlist

                and there are a few cages that weren't cleaned at the time of the pics...I don't let the animals get too bad...

                yes, I really enjoy my setup now and very happy with my animals...