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    I picked up another ACF this weekend. The pet store had her seperated from everything and marked "not for sale" because she was their biggest one and was aggressive to the others. So I talked them into letting me pay them way more than she was worth. She's not as big as Tank Boss is, but she held her own though. She's definitely a good eater.

    I like her light coloring though. It's much lighter than any of the others we have. (I don't like the albinos)

    So the frenzy begins.....

    This is her actual color. It looks better this way because the fluorecent was off and no flash. Come get you Freak On!!

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    She is really pretty! What is she eating in the vid?
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      Oooh nice! I have 4 ACFs! They are awesome
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        Originally posted by AneesasMuse View Post
        She is really pretty! What is she eating in the vid?
        Lobster roaches. Come get you Freak On!!


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          WOW!!!! Neat video!!! I didn't know they could eat roaches! WOW!

          I have 3 ADF's right now.

          I did have 5 ADF's for over 7 years. *Yes, they all lived that long!!*
          I fed them just frozen brine shimp and frozen bloodworms. That's also what I'm feeding the new 3 that I have.
          But.... the new 3 that I have, I've had for about a year now... and they do not eat well for me at all. I've tried Frog Bites, and the other food mentioned, but they just don't eat. They are skinny, and nothing like the original 5 I had.
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            try shrimp pellets. my two wouldnt eat the worms. my lfs suggested the shrimp pellets and they love em.