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tiny turtles, oh so cute - DUW

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  • tiny turtles, oh so cute - DUW

    named by my bf's kids:

    Alvin - Sternotherus carinatus (razorback musk)

    Simon - Kinosternon baurii (3-striped mud)

    Theodore - Emydura subglobosa (red-bellied shortneck/pink-bellied sideneck)


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    Now those are just disgusting.
    Disgustingly CUTE that is!!!!
    Grats on the teeny turtles!
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      Alvin and Theodore are favorites, but little Simon is a handsome fella, too

      Will Theodore's neck always be crook'd like that? (Yes, I am turtle illiterate )
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        LOVE the names! great pics they are too cute, seriously that is way too much cute for one family to take.
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          thanks! i'm not much of a turtle person, but this is the first time i've seen ones like this. they are hard to resist, my bf walked away from the table at the show 3 times before going back to get them LOL.

          Originally posted by AneesasMuse View Post
          Will Theodore's neck always be crook'd like that? (Yes, I am turtle illiterate )
          yes, that's how he "hides." it's straight normally, but instead of pulling their head into their shell, the side-neck turtles do that!


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            Very nice little ones! I love mud and musk turtles, very fun to watch.

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              So cute. I guess the side neck does not bring its head inside but just tucks it to the side? How different. You learn something everyday.
              and the zoo


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                too cute i love there big heads and tiny shells lol
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                  Very cute! I just love turtles, I've always had one or two at my house. Love to see them pig out and sun bathe.
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