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Iguana Enclosure/Tort question

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  • Iguana Enclosure/Tort question


    I have begun the journey of getting an iggy and possibly a Greek tortoise. No they will not be in the same enclosure, but, yes, in the same room.
    Now, I am pretty experienced with reptiles I have had everything from 10ft+ long burms to pixie geckos and everything in between but left then when I moved back to my home state and I couldn't regularly get the feeders I needed, so I rehomed them to people in areas that could give them the life they needed. It's been 6 years and a lot has changed and reptiles are a realistic option for me again.

    The iggy will have a 6ftx6ftx3ft habitat and the tortoise would have a L shaped tort box, 3 ft long on the outside edges and 1.5ft wide on the ends. They will be pushed up to each other but separate spaces.

    The question, since most people seem to talk about iggy's and torts as having issues in the same space due to humidity and possible aggression issues with space and food. My system should eliminate most of that, BUT, I do plan to eventually allow the iggy to free roam. Now long term the Tort would get its own huge enclosure and the iggy would get the whole room, but the first couple of years I would prefer to keep then in the same room.

    For context, I would probably get both of them within 6 months of each other and they would both be babies when I get them. So both enclosures would be plenty big for a while.

    What real issues would you all guess I could run into when I begun to get the iggy comfortable with free roam?

    Second question-. I am adding a water feature and making it be a river/waterfall type water section. The idea is a waterfall will dump water into a small pond and it will overfill into a small river section that will end in a ramp with a false bottom where the outflow valve will be located. The idea is to try and make it fun and move to help keep the water clean. My question is if in the pond section I add like cleanup fish to help keep it clean would I run into any potential issue with the iggy?