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Possible Leopard Frog Tankmates

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  • Possible Leopard Frog Tankmates

    I was planning on setting up a 20 gallon long (30inX12x12) leopard frog enclosure, and I’m just curious if anyone here has tried keeping them with fish or even other amphibians and what the results were.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Leopard frogs are big jumpers, so a 20 long is on the small side, even for a single adult. I would also rule out keeping them with fish. Leopard frogs like to have a large water dish, but they are by no means aquatic.
    If I were going to try to keep a leopard frog with another herp species, I would use an enclosure no smaller than a 55 gallon. I would look at other frog species that occupy the same range, and roughly the same habitat, as the leopard frog. The two candidates that come to mind are the wood frog, and the green frog, and neither is ideal. The wood frog is smaller and more terrestrial, so care must be taken to ensure sufficient land habitat, and that the wood frog got enough to eat. Whereas, the green frog is larger and more aquatic. A large green frog could outcompete anything except the largest leopard frog, and possibly eat it.
    There may be better candidates available to you, depending on what's found in your area. The easiest thing to do would be simply to limit the enclosure to a single species.


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      Ok, thanks for the help. I didn’t think any reptiles or amphibians would work, I was just curious. Any fish would have been a couple feeder guppies to add some life to the water area, but it sounds like I was over anticipating how much water I was actually going to be putting in there. I’ll probably just stick to the frog then.