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Partially blocked nasolacrimal duct

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  • Partially blocked nasolacrimal duct

    My false chameleon has a bulgy eye...has been that way for about 6 months...I took him to the exotics vet about 5 months ago, he got a thorough checkup, and couldn't find much wrong. The eye didn't get worse, but didn't get better either, so we went back last week. He appears to have a partially blocked nasolacrimal duct. We could see that fluid would go from his left eye into his mouth, but not the right eye. Got some antibiotic drops to put in the eye, and I have been faithful about it, but so far, still no improvement. Does anyone have any experience with this, with any of their reptiles? Anything that worked to make it better? It hasn't affected his eating or behavior any, but sure does look like it would be uncomfortable.
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    When I googled this, a lot of the pictures showed people with swelling around their eye. Did you show signs of swelling or no? I guess I’m just wondering if you had to walk around for two years with a swollen face or did you look normal?

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      Blocked Tear Ducts (Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction)

      A hindered tear pipe (nasolacrimal channel block, dacryostenosis) some of the time happens in babies and little youngsters. It brings about persistent tearing (epiphora) and mucous release from the influence eye(s). The guardians need to continually wipe away the tears and clean the mucous from the eyelid.

      The release can be serious enough where it "sticks" the eye shut, particularly after getting up toward the beginning of the day time or after a snooze. At times periocular dermatitis can create from this persistent issue, particularly on the lower eyelid and sidelong corner (canthus) of the eye.

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