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  • What should I get?

    Hello, new to this forum
    Im looking to get a new reptile but i’m conflicted on what to get.
    I have a year and a half year old Dwarf Caiman so i’m pretty comfortable in reptile care.
    Any and all recommendations welcome please!

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    I have a crested, a gargoyle, a Bauer's chameleon gecko (e. agricolae) and a Cuban false chameleon. I love them all, but I have to say, I like the Bauer's and the Cuban false chameleon best because they are active during the day when I can watch them. The CFC is much more docile to handle and grows to a much larger size than the Bauer's. All have very similar care; the CFC requires a little more humidity, but that has not been a problem, I just mist his tank more often.
    TAD "Tiny Ancient Dinosaur" (Crestie), Hidey (Garg), O.G. "Office Gecko" (Bauer's Chameleon gecko), TBD "Tiny Badass Dragon" (Western Bearded Anole), 3.1.0
    Rody Jane (cattledog/stinkwad mix), Dixie Moonpie (rattledog) George P-Dog (lab/Great Pyr) 1.2.0, Ringer (barn cat) 1.0.0


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      Whenever someone on a herp forum asks for a recommendation on what species to get next, invariably people respond with what THEIR favorite species are. I have my favorites too, and since this is a gecko forum, I'l just go ahead and tell you that, of the geckos I've owned so far in my life, my favorite would be a toss up between gargoyles, and African fat tails. But, that doesn't help you much. So, here's my suggestion: start by making a mental list of species that you think appeal to you. Then, read up on them. How much space do they require? What do they eat? How much time will it require to care for them? Evaluate other factors, too- housing requirements, cost, availability, handleability, and so on. Eliminate from your list any species that really don't fit. If at all possible, get some personal exposure to those species, whether looking at them in a pet store, a show, another hobbyists collection, etc.
      The fact that you say you are conflicted would suggest that you already have some species in mind. If so, you should identify them, and maybe somebody here with first hand experience can provide some guidance.