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  • True dimming style proportional thermostat or On/Off control
  • Built in Safety Relay
  • Constantly monitors to maintain the desired temperature
  • Controls up to 350 Watts
  • Temperature range of 40°F to 150°F (or 4°C to 65°C) can be adjusted by tenths of a degree
  • Built in night-time drop capabilities
  • High/Low temperature monitoring and High/Low temperature threshold alarms
  • Power outage detection
  • Saved tracking and settings if power is lost
  • Includes one replaceable steel tipped probe

Spyder Robotics has come up with an economical way to control any 2-pronged heating element. The Herpstat Intro+ has a built in soft startup feature to slowly add power on the initial start-up, as well as a selectable ramping between day and night-time temperature settings. With 100 dimming steps built in, it's super easy to fine-tune the temperature in your enclosure. Looking to build a custom incubator? It's flanged sides allow for embedded mounting for a clean, custom look.

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